Design Studio 1 (week 1)

A whole new unit comes with many opportunuties to fine tune, educate myself and practice some design skills, techniques and trending styles.

During week one the class has been put through a realistic design scenario and have over all succeeded quite well. In three days we were tasked to brainstorm, refine and present our ideas and project goals on a topic we have just recieved.

So, the project we recieved is to design playing cards using a certain design style. Although styles were handed to us, some creative minds thought of their own unique style that they admire and will try to replicate in the design of these cards.

But what about me? How have I done? What did I do?
well… to tell the truth, it took a little while to get me back into the process of uni assessment, but overall I think I achieved quite well.

I couldn’t choose the design style I wanted at first because all of my ideas were actually so far off of the style itself. For example when I thought of ideas of punk design I came up with stuff like this:


I tried to make it look like a punk rock kind of theme with gas masks and skulls and mohawks, but apparently I was waaay off. Real punk is actually stuff like the sex pistols and grungy designs like “God Save The Queen” which is an album they made:


after this realisation I tried going towards that kind of style and started using the black, white and red colours. I also imitated the typography and even used a more recent photo of the queen elizabeth.

The featured image you see above is what I came up with. Although it is a very rough mock up, it gives some sort of direction to the style I want to achieve and has already gave me the opportunity to recieve valuable feedback on the design.

during the research into playing cards I noticed that the face cards (queen, king and jack) all have a certain item included in the traditional designs. Queens are nnormallly holding flowers (and in some cases chalices.) kings are holding swords and Jacks have axes. This trend was what inspired me to put the roses into my design.

Thats what I am up to thus far, but the design process is still going and I still have a lot of work to do!