DGD-220 PrePress

What formatting should I use to print? What resolution should it be in? When Should I use Half Tone printing and How can I avoid printing costs and stress over the minor issures?

We learned about all of this today in class and I really feel like I learned heaps about how I can calloborate with printing press’ and later in the trimester I am already getting some awesome Ideas for posters and cards and a whole heap of printed stuff.

One thing I learned was that DPI (dots per inch) and LPI (lines per inch) is used for most printing and if the amount of DPI or LPI is too high on un coated paper than the ink will bleed in too much and turn a lot darker. On coated this is not too much of a problem.

Also to get a deeper black for printing its better to use a CMYK value of

C-60                                    C-0

M-40         instead of:     M- 0

Y-40                                     Y- 0

K-100                                   K- 100

This is because K is actually an inpure mixture of colours to make a black tone so if you increase each colour the black becomes deeper.

The tutorial we had today was a walkthrough on how to get images ready for printing in photoshop

trees aftertrees before

By adjusting the lightest lights and darkest darks using curves and threshhold adjustment layers the final print should come out a lot cleaner

DGD 220 – Inked

So I was dedicated to complete my designs yesterday and I had a really cool Idea I got from searching up some double exposure videos.

I took a very similar ink in watter image that I used for Pen Floyd and made a double exposure of Isaac Ibott in the photoshoot.  Here is the image I used:


I refined the edge, made a layer mask and clipped it to isaac’s photo:


after a long time listening to this dude: How to make a double exposure I came up with a few refined versions.. But anyway after like 2 hours of playing with adjustments, and I have to admit after completing all of my digital edited designs I was tasked to do, This one is my favorite: Isaac-ink

DGD 220-Pen Floyd

This one I finished quite quicly! I was surprised with myself. Most of the time I spent for this was used looking for the images I used and the brush preset I found/made.

The Idea was to remake a pink floyd design thingy using a pen so went to pinterest looking for inspiration (yes.. pinterest is my main source of inspiration 100% of the time)

Anyway this is what I found but looks like it doesnt have a description of who made it..  too bad it was pretty cool.

a pretty cool remake of Pink Floyd's Dark side of the moon:


So I used a couple of photos, one was from the photoshoot of pens I did not too long ago down in the studio. The other two I found on this really cool high resolution photo search engine I found. You can check out the website here: morguefile.com


And then I combined them all together, added some brush strokes from ink in water I found on thet website I mentioned earlier… this one:


And WHAM! Ladies and gentleman, I give you Pen Floyd:Pen Floyd

also the cool brush strokes came from here:



DGD220 – Erased

So… I haven’t been keeping up with blogging lately because I just wanted to getr these designs done in the space of a couple days so here comes a barrage of awesome shit 😉

In the photography studio lessons I got a couple of good shots of my classmate jasmine But I had no clue what to do with it. I spent too much time thinking and was getting really frustrated so I ended up taking a break and watching some depressing shows and reading my book that got all sad all of the sudden and i was like whoah…

Anyway, all of the sudden the idea came to me of doing something passive depressing and although most of the photos I have of Jasmine looked happy I made it work better with adding some cool typography effects.

Overall it took about two hours… more than it should have to be honest.

Here is the photo of Jasmine I used and the final result of the design:

More watercolour paints

So during the week 4 weekend I was pretty busy and could hardly find time to do anything. I was meant to work on assingments for friday and saturday but on friday I had work from 9am-5pm and straight afterwards I was babysitting some kids I know that live far away and I had to stay over night. But that didn’t stop me 😉

I ended up bringing the paint for the kids to play around with and this little cutie named Tiah REALLY wanted to help me with my assingment. And I didnt have the heart to tell her no. so I ended up painting some flowers she liked and she helped me out with a few strokes and lines.

Anyway Here is how that one turned out

The lighting is crap but yunno…. dont care.. soz.

DGD220 digital painting/drawing

So after experimenting with colouring in illustrator I decided to do the top half (the bird) in photoshop hopefully getting a better blend of colours and making it look more  like paint and add smudged blurred lines.

penbird WIP.JPG

I also added some splatters in the background with the same colour scheme just to make it more appealing then I decided that it might look better if i incorporate the splatters into the wing of the bird.

But I felt like the illustrator coloured in pencil clashed a bit with all the splatters in the background so I made the part of pencil next to the wing dissapear and that lead me to the final result.

penbird wout pencil


DGD220 Watercolour paint

Yesterday I ran out of bandwith on my internet. It was bound to happen with the amount of shows and movies me and my mum stream…. dont judge me.

Anyway, because of this I decided to go analogue and do some painting. I am really liking the idea of birds lately so I drew a Blue Wren(a.k.a. fairy birds) I know right? How manly of me!! I was going to draw the long thin tail as a pencil… but I actually got carried away and totally forgot the pencil all together so i just quickly painted a pencil for the bird to stand on.


DGD220 illustrator practice

today I learned a few things on toning and shading on illustrator. The main thing was shading with the blob tool. I always spent my time shading in photoshop and never really bothered trying it in illustrator but i must admit, with some practice I can use illustrator for some really cool surreal art.

So I decided to draw a bird coming out of the end of a pencil. I drew it first to get the basic outline in pencil:penbird in pencil

Then I outlined it in ink, sadly I believe leaving it in pencil would have looked better but since I am going to most likely take out the strokes in illustrator I guess it doesn’t matter much.

penbird in pen

So after that I put it into photoshop and played with the levels, brightness and contrast and then inserted it into illustrator for some colouring.

This is what I have coloured so far, but before I continue im going to watch some illustrator shading tutorial videos because what I have now isn’t coming out as good as i expected it.


penbird (coloured)