Final Project Review (so far)


I really do feel like the methodology of this project is used effectively. The few problems that arise are handled quickly and easily.

As stated previously, our project methodology is modified waterfall. This, so far, seems effective to me because of the easy distance between our group and the client. We complete our tasks assigned in the gantt chart and meet with Ralph in the selected times or after all of us have finished our first tasks.

Our communication and schedueling  is used effectively by sticking to the deadlines and working around meetings we arrange with Ralph. This then is communicated to the esigner team through email. Google drive was also heavily used to keep on top of doccument control and keep updated.

For day to day processes I am reminded both by the gantt chart and the project leader what I am to do and the hours I work towards completing that task is written and shared with my time sheets which is also shared in the google doc folder. Here is an example of what my timesheet looks like:


Not only I have done this, but the rest of the team to. So it is very easy to understand what eachother has done and what they will be doing. This lessens the risk of meaningless work and so far has seemed highly successful.

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