Research and Theoretical Sources For Inspirational Posters

The second project was more of an inspired research project. The techniques and styles i used were my own and were meant to be simple so that I could keep each poster consistent.

Although the style of the posters have been inspired by concepts and themes that show to be effective.

Here are the sources:

jk rowling quotes about stories - Google Search:

DFTBA on Behance by Risa Rodil:

60+ of the best typographic designs of 2013 | From up North:

Affiche de bureau Done is better than perfect:

That last image proved to be the most helpful towards my project because it is actually a quote from an inspirational person that my client suggested I search up. Sheryl Sandberg is the C.O.O of facebook and says this in one of her books. The elements like the lines next to the type and the outstretching arrows from the focal point played a heavy part in the making of my posters like this one:stories you tell revised.jpg

All of the sources and more can be found on my board here:

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