These two Lo’s that need to be ticked off are about a Self-reflection report. What worked/didn’t work in your project? and the second one is about How could you improve on your creative practice?


So overall, I feel this trimester was a huge flop. I really feel like out of every trimester ive done to this point, this ones been one of the worst. The main cause of this is because I found myself assuming that the projects would be quick to finish and my deliverables completed overnight. I was sadly mistaken when I found myself taking longer than a week completing the A1 retro poster. Although I am quite happy with the result, and the style of the poster, the amount of time wasted on it was too long and the amount of time I wasted procrastinating a big project caused quite a negative effect. I also feel as though I spent absolutely no time trying to understand the final picture of my exhibition. This is because besides for a few pieces of colateral I didnt have much, and the deliverables I did have didn’t work as planned. I found myself in a lot of stress when I was rushing to fold REALLY THICK cardboard into a tray and using glue not strong enough to hold it together. Plus my portfolio packaging was okay, but the actual portfolio booklet wasnt printed properly and I didn’t even think of a way to bind them together. I definitely should have spent more time in the printing and folding process and should have schedueled that sooner in the scheduel.



I have noticed that my most professional work is done with guidance by an outside peer or tutoror. Online tutorials prove to be quite effective for me too. But the main issue I believe I have is my personal discipline. I get home after a day of uni and just turn into a couch potatoe. I lose all sense of good work ethic and get too distracted. Next trimester it may be better if i stay at uni for longer after class and go through tutorials on the projects I wish to complete. But its very important for me to plan before I just start doing my work. Otherwise I misjudge how long tasks will take and ultimately I end up in a chaotic  status of rushing the projects that are meant to be done slowly and professionally.


Group work collaborations

I collaborated with isaac to make some AWESOME EP covers with a very fancy technique called marbelizing

This was done by me and him spray painting on some water in a bucket then quickly dipping sheets of paper in them. Then we went and took photos of our clients, digitally edited them and BOOM! check out the results:

fb bannerluke frontLXD banner

Overall the results of my collaboration with isaac have always proven successful and I believe make an excellent team with him.


Project Management


my project management was quite thorough. Take a look at it: project management

CLO.LO3: Review of your project plan and schedule. Did your project deliverables get completed on time?


No, not all my deliverables were completed on time and some werent even good enough to show off at the end of the exhibition. sadly this was a poor effort and should be fixed next time with constant reminders of deadlines. I feel like i didnt see the urgency of the situation untill very late in the trimester.

Usability tests

I made up some usability questionaires that look like this:


And these are what I recieved back:14123396_857756797694535_636439566_o.jpg

Its really blurry but basically for the first question 100% answed yes

the second question was answered with the need of more rocket illustrations

the third question was answered yes the majority is likely to go in the cafe

the fourth question was quite diverse but a few wanted really awesome retro interior design

the fifth question was all 100% yes’s

the sixth question was also diverse but instagram and facebook was the most popular

the seventh question was all answered yes as well

The last question was all just their own opinions

NDA- Non Disclosure Agreement

This agreement is a contract between two people stating every thing the client wants to remain confidential so that ideas can remain private and not be copied.

These agreements are helpful to outline exactly what the client wants publicised. At no point should a designer use the name or identity of the the clients brand on anything publicised without the consent of the client.Non-Disclosure-Agreement-Template

Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

This is an example of a non disclosure agreement and what one should look like. As a designer you might be required to make these contracts for some of your clients that are part of a bigger company.